"I was extremely involved in diversity work during my decade as an educator, sadly over the past few years, with kids in tow, it fell by the wayside.  Jonathan and Ben's D-BIAS course renewed my interest and passion for DEI work.  Their offering gave me the foundation to seek resources to continue to educate myself, as I know this is life-long journey."

I would highly recommend this course: it provides the vocabulary/concepts, historical background, current events... and spaces of reflection to begin approaching the meaningful work of creating and sustaining truly equitable spaces in every nook and cranny in our lives."  -- Kristin M. Vancouver, British Columbia


“There are many aspects that appeal to me about this project, and there is a lot more depth to explore through the materials you have gathered, but the historical nature of the material makes it very accessible for me and defuses some of the tension wrought by the divisive politics in this country right now, so I'm grateful for having had the chance to go through it with you...and I think the game changer for me was coming to understand the concept of restorative justice, which I think is the model for the pathway ahead”

“JED’s program provided me with great historical context to understand what is happening today. Time well spent for any organization who wants to understand and improve their social and cultural environment.”