Courses & Program


Structural racism affects all of us, regardless of the color of our skin.

J.E.D. enables people within an organization to address their institution's unique needs, leading to solutions to address equity in a proactive, rather than reactive way.

For-profits and non-profits have all come to realize this a significant, and necessary evolutionary step if they are to be able to focus on and fulfill their institution's mission.



Teachable 101A, B...

3 focused, self-paced courses that give you the language & knowledge to shift some commonly-encountered examples of bias.

You will learn the J.E.D. method and how to shift socially charged conversations, by using the J.E.D. formula.


J.E.D. workshops will give you the confidence to work with others in your own organization & become an advocate.

Length: 2 hours per course



1 course, 4-weeks. Our original J.E.D. course, Designing-Building Institutional Antiracist Spaces (D-BIAS) developed with Wesleyan, uses Coursera’s online platform.


It has more reading and more assessments than our Teachable 101 workshops, with the paid option of a certificate at the end.

Length: 4-weeks

In-Person Workshops/

One-on-one Coaching

Work with J.E.D. in-person on workshops (weekends, day-long, Zoom) to develop your team's capacity.


Using our method, J.E.D. works with your organization to tailor the topics to meet the needs of your community.

Our foundational workshop stands alone as an orientation to contemporary issues facing D.E.I.B. work & serves also as the first step in developing a cultural equity plan.

Length: One day/two day 

Cultural Equity Plan

In this longer, in-person engagement J.E.D. teaches your organization how to develop a cultural equity plan.

Interviews, document reviews, and visual/media audits are all gathered by the organization with J.E.D., assessed, and used as foundation for an Cultural Equity Plan.


This retrospective work allows the organization to plan ahead, confident in its roadmap to support equity, rather than reacting to crises.

Length: one-two months depending on engagement