We partner with organizations to deliver DEI solutions that last.

We are all made of stories.

How we help you:

Justice Equity Design recognizes that institutions are seeking to harmonize their history and traditions with a diverse and inclusive future.


Why current "trainings" don't work:

We recognize that traditional implicit bias training is a good beginning, and recognize that institutions are now looking for the next step, a way to become proactive and confident when discussing diversity and equity. Non-profits and for-profits have all come to realize this a significant, and necessary evolutionary step if they are to be able to focus on and fulfill their institution's mission.

What we teach, and why:

As a former prosecutor/criminal defense attorney and a former independent school head, we understand that any successful restorative solution must be designed from the ground up by the participants. The robust framework of laws, historical context and theories of justice we providemeans the solutions that participants develop will become part of their institution's culture. 

Our creative workshops provide a compelling way to have participants learn, practice, and imagine a different future, one that understands that institutional narratives can be shifted, one that can encompass inclusion as well as diversity.    

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What drives us:

Our consultancy has developed from an understanding that the history of racial inequality and economic injustice in the United States has created continuing challenges for all Americans. More must be done to advance our collective goal of equal justice for all.

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